As Built : The Podcast

The professionals who build buildings also need to build their practices.

The key to business development in the built environment is understanding the relationship between architect, building materials, contractors and clients – and how each group makes decisions.

In As Built, you’ll hear from industry leaders about how they built their practice. Hosts Brian Jones and Patience Jones also provide insights from their experiences helping firms in the built environment industry grow and succeed.

Growth Challenges: Reporting | As Built Podcast Ep. 68.
Episode: 68
Growth Challenges: Reporting
In this episode of our Growth Challenges series, we explore setting up reporting that actually matters.
Project Fatigue | As Built Podcast Ep. 66.
Episode: 66
Project Fatigue
In this episode, we’re talking about the fatigue that your audiences feel when your firm talks about the same one or two projects to the exclusion of others.
Consistency Is Not The Enemy | "As Built Podcast Ep. 65.
Episode: 65
Consistency Is Not The Enemy
In this episode we explore why consistency in external communications is so important and what to do when being consistent seems impossible.
As Built Podcast Episode 64: Building Up Your Network.
Episode: 64
Building Up Your Network
Building your business is easier if you also build your personal network. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or leading a firm, it’s vital to make connections with new people.
As Built Podcast: Episode 63: Tech Stack: Image Sizes.
Episode: 63
Tech Stack: Image Assets
Photos and video are arguably the most important assets your firm can have. What needs to be considered to make sure you end up with results that are usable for what you’re trying to accomplish? Do you have what you need to effectively communicate about your project?
Setting Up Advisors | As Built Podcast Ep. 61.
Episode: 61
Setting Up Advisors
In this episode, we discuss what it takes to find trusted advisors and how to work with them successfully. 
Lies We Tell Ourselves: Set It And Forget It | As Built Podcast Ep. 57.
Episode: 57
Lies We Tell Ourselves: Set It And Forget It
Patience and Brian examine the lie everyone wants to believe: that marketing is something that you can set and then forget about.
Too Many Meetings | As Built Podcast Ep. 56.
Episode: 56
Too Many Meetings
Patience and Brian Jones discuss the issue of “too many meetings” in a firm or workplace setting.
Simply The Best (At What You Do) | As Built Podcast Ep. 55.
Episode: 55
Simply The Best (At What You Do)
In this episode, Patience and Brian Jones talk about the importance of focusing on what you do (simply the) best.