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Marketing Strategy

Marketing is the way you describe what you are offering, what your company is about, and why people should care. We work with you to identify what you want to say and to whom. Are you trying to aggressively sell a service? Do you need to attract better employment candidates? Do you want to make sure people know how you’re different from a competitor?

Once we determine your audiences and what you’d like to achieve, we create a multi-pronged marketing strategy that’s customized to meet your goals. Our marketing plan includes recommendations for making the best use of your internal resources and metrics and tools to measure the marketing effort.

Our marketing strategies are effective, but more importantly, they’re actionable. We create marketing plans that identify specific tactics, including for web, social media, and email, and goals for each of those tactics. We constantly measure the performance of each tactic and use that information to further optimize your marketing.

See how marketing strategy impacts:

Lead Generation Development

If your marketing goal is lead generation, we create customized lead gen campaigns to attract qualified prospective clients and nurture them through a customized sales funnel. Through a combination of landing pages, email campaigns, SEO, digital advertising, and retargeting and remarketing, we bring new sales prospects to you.

Does Your Website Need Landing Pages or Doorway Pages?

As a marketer, you should be using every legitimate tool at your disposal to attract buyers to your website and turn them into buyers (or at least qualified prospects). But, should you ever consider using doorway pages for SEO and PPC purposes? Because many of our...

Is Your Website Sales Funnel Broad Enough?

The concept of an online sales funnel is simple enough. To make one work, you simply have to attract visitors to your website, lead them through a series of information-gathering steps, and then finally convince them to make a purchase, sign up for a live...

Does Your Company Have a Consistent Messaging Strategy?

When it comes to marketing messages, a lot of business owners and executives are admittedly following a “make it up as we go” approach. It’s not hard to figure out why – most are feeling overwhelmed when it comes to putting together their online and offline campaigns....

Social Media is Serious Business… Are You Taking Advantage?

A decade ago, we noticed there were a lot of business owners and executives who failed to realize just how important search engine optimization was going to be for marketing in every industry. Now, Google processes nearly 5 billion searches per day and companies are...

To Succeed in Online Marketing Leave Your Ego at the Door

Making sure your ego is in check can help in making strides forward with your marketing efforts and avoid blindspots.

Is Content Curation a Part of Your Online Marketing Strategy?

Curating and sharing content is a great way to showcase your thinking and build up a dedicated following on social media.

Does Your Professional Services Business Have Seasons?

Four useful tips for understanding the seasons of a professional services business that can help in planning a marketing and business strategy.

Using Content to Differentiate Your Law Firm From the Competition

When marketing for law firms, consider what makes your firm unique and why it would be an unique advantage for prospective clients.

Why Instagram Has Big Marketing Power for Architects

Architects can help raise awareness of their practice by developing an Instagram following for their work through posts about process and outcomes.

Are You Capturing Website Visits to Create Sales Opportunities?

Remarketing and retargeting can be valuable tools to follow up with buyers who are interested in your services, but not quite yet ready to buy.
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