Marketing Strategy

The cornerstone of all of our marketing efforts is strategy.

Marketing without a strategy is like leaving your house without knowing where you’re going: you don’t know where you’ll end up, how long it will take, or how much it will cost to get there. It might be fun for a weekend, but doing it every day means you probably won’t get much done.

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The same is true in marketing for professional firms with more complex sales cycles. Executing on a series of tactics without knowing what you’re trying to achieve or what success looks like means you’re just “doing things.” There’s no way to measure what’s working, what’s not, or whether what you’re doing is the most effective strategy for your goals.

Our marketing strategies ensure you always know where you’re going, how to get there, and how to know when you’ve arrived. Marketing strategies are individually tailored for each client, based on goals, audience, timeline, and resources. We identify specific tactics and micro-goals for each of those tactics. Then, we track how all the pieces are working together toward your goals.

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We know marketing needs to support your sales efforts. This approach has resulted in millions of dollars of sales for our clients and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary “doing things” marketing costs.