Are you struggling to find time to do any marketing for your firm?

Do you worry about where your next client is going to come from?

Are you frustrated because your competitors seem to have more success?

Just a Few of the Benefits You’ll See:

  • Forward progress on your marketing
  • Measurable results
  • Relief from multiple meetings a day to try to decide what to do and how to get it done
  • Confidence that what you need will be ready on time and correct
  • Freedom from needing to micromanage

We help professional firms get out of the loop of failing to market because they don’t have time, then panicking when current projects close out and there are no leads in the pipeline.

We know how easy it is to fall into that loop, because before we started Graphicmachine, we worked in firms like yours. We experienced first-hand the difficulty of servicing current clients while also bringing in new business and running day-to-day operations.

We used our experience in professional service firms to develop a marketing consultancy that reduces your workload while also creating more sales opportunities for you.

We custom-tailor our marketing strategies and execution for your business.

Our Story

Graphicmachine is a marketing firm founded in 1999 by Brian Jones, a former architect who wanted to make it easier for architecture firms to win clients. He had seen firsthand the difficulties they faced with their marketing efforts in conveying their services and value to prospective clients.

We expanded our services to professional firms, including engineering firms, construction firms, law firms, financial firms, healthcare, and creative services. In 2010, Patience Jones, a former attorney, joined as a firm partner.

Today, Graphicmachine modernizes marketing and business development for professional service firms across the US from our central office in Kansas City. Our thoughtful, tailored marketing strategies foster personal connections with prospective clients. We give potential leads the information they need to make a buying decision in the way they want to receive it – without compromising your firm’s brand.

We understand the professional firm ecosystems, the importance of relationships, and the specific sales cycles. Our digital marketing services are effective at every stage of marketing and business development, from making an initial impression to closing a deal.


Brian Jones, Founder | Graphicmachine

Brian Jones


Patience Jones, Partner | Graphicmachine

Patience Jones


What You Can Expect

Direct communication with firm principals

Frank conversations about problems and solutions

Respect for deadlines and your time


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