Marketing Analytics

We measure how well what we're doing is working and how it can be improved.

With all the data that’s available, it can be easy to lose sight of what your goals are. We’ve seen how existing analytics platforms overwhelm clients with the sheer amount of information. With no tools to understand what they’re looking at, clients can’t make sense of the data and end up feeling like they’re being controlled by something they don’t understand.

We wanted to change that. We believe clients should be able to understand their data and what their marketing partners are doing for them. So we built Marketing Watt.

Marketing Watt

Marketing Watt is a web-based, proprietary software platform that we developed to help our clients better understand their marketing analytics. Marketing Watt gives you a clear, transparent view of how well your digital marketing is working and concrete recommendations for improvement.

The dashboard and reports are specifically designed to be easily understood even if you don’t have a background in analytics or marketing. Marketing Watt shows how your marketing efforts work together as a whole, which tactics are actually moving the needle, and which need to be refined or even abandoned.

Marketing Watt uses multiple data sources from a combination of best-in-class analytics tools and AI, combined with tailored insights and recommendations from experienced industry veterans to give you a complete picture of your digital marketing.

One of the biggest differences between Marketing Watt and other platforms is that it’s goal-oriented. All of the tracking and reporting focuses on the marketing goals identified in the marketing strategy, so you can understand what’s going on and share it with other people in the company.