Markets We Serve

Graphicmachine is a digital marketing firm specializing in clients who build environments: architecture firms, building materials manufacturers and distributors, and construction firms.

Our firm was created by a former architect, giving us unrivaled expertise in the building and design industries. We understand how building products and services are sold, the different types of customers, and how to communicate with each type of customer to create sales opportunities. Because of our decades of experience, we know how to “translate” building industry terminology so prospects understand your value.

We specialize in:

  • Firms undergoing a leadership or brand transition
  • Firms introducing new products or services
  • Firms that do not have an internal marketing department
  • Firms trying to break into new markets, including international firms seeking a U.S. presence
  • Firms looking to grow sales in new regions in the US

We work with businesses across the United States and internationally.


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