As Built : The Podcast

The professionals who build buildings also need to build their practices.

The key to business development in the built environment is understanding the relationship between architect, building materials, contractors and clients – and how each group makes decisions.

In As Built, you’ll hear from industry leaders about how they built their practice. Hosts Brian Jones and Patience Jones also provide insights from their experiences helping firms in the built environment industry grow and succeed.

Tech Stack: Web Hosting | As Built Podcast Ep. 54.
Episode: 54
Tech Stack: Web Hosting
Patience and Brian Jones delve into website hosting, discussing its importance, features, and how it often gets overlooked due to its technical nature.
Lone Wolf Syndrome | As Built Podcast Ep. 52.
Episode: 52
Lone Wolf Syndrome
In this episode, Patience and Brian Jones discuss what Lone Wolf Syndrome is, why it’s bad for your business, and how to work through it.
Message in a Bubble | As Built Podcast Ep. 51.
Episode: 51
Message in a Bubble
In this episode, Patience and Brian Jones talk about how to recognize if you are living in a marketing bubble and how to change.
New Year's Resolution Pressure: As Built Podcast Ep 50.
Episode: 50
New Year's Resolution Pressure
It’s hard to feel like you’re doing enough when it seems like everyone around you has miraculously improved tenfold overnight. In this episode, we unpack the internal and external pressures of the New Year, and how to use what’s helpful and leave the rest.
The Balanced Practice | As Built Podcast Ep. 48.
Episode: 48
The Balanced Practice
We dive into the three aspects of a balanced practice: The Work, Marketing and Sales, and Firm Culture.
Zen and the Art of Marketing | As Built Podcast Ep. 47.
Episode: 47
Zen and the Art of Marketing Maintenance
If you’ve ever lain awake at night worrying about your daily website traffic, this episode is for you.
Checkup: CRM | As Built Podcast Ep. 46.
Episode: 46
Checkup: CRM
We kick off the new “Checkup” series, discussing how – and how often – to maintain your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.
As Built Ep 45: Interview with Brent Buck.
Episode: 45
As Built Interview with Brent Buck
Architect Brent Buck discusses the evolution of his career and the design of Frame 122, a five-story residential building made from cross-laminated timber.
As Built Podcast Episode 44: When Everyone Is a Marketer.
Episode: 44
When Everyone Is a Marketer
Most likely, everyone in your firm has opinions about marketing. These can range from “here are the 12 things I want the firm to do” to “everything you’re doing is wrong.” In this episode, we offer some tips on how to receive all of the input from … well, everyone about your firm’s marketing.