Episode 64

Building Up Your Network

Building your business is easier if you also build your personal network. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or leading a firm, it’s vital to make connections with new people. People in your network may end up being a source of new business, but the focus shouldn’t be on selling – it should be on meeting people whose work you admire, who you find interesting, or with whom you share interests. Don’t look at growing your network like another “must do” on your list. Instead, try to see if for what it is: an opportunity for a positive interaction with another human being.


  • The importance of having an updated LinkedIn profile.
  • Where to find people you’d like to meet.
  • Being approachable, respectful, and oriented towards creating genuine relationships rather than solely focusing on sales and leads.
  • Why it’s never as scary or onerous as it seems.
  • What ‘open to connect’ means on LinkedIn and why it matters.

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