As Built - Podcast

The professionals who build buildings also need to build their practices.

The key to business development in the built environment is understanding the relationship between architect, building materials, contractors and clients – and how each group makes decisions.

In As Built, you’ll hear from industry leaders about how they built their practice. Hosts Brian Jones and Patience Jones also provide insights from their experiences helping firms in the built environment industry grow and succeed.

As Built: Techstack: Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs).
Episode: 2
TechStack: CRMs (Client Relationship Management Systems)
For this As Built Podcast episode, hosts Brian and Patience Jones talk about the Customer Relationship Manager, more popularly known as CRM, and how it helps architecture firms and building materials keep track of their clients and customers. They also break down what to look for in a CRM and how it can help firms grow and be more effective in their marketing.
As Built: What Makes a Successful Architecture Firm Website.
Episode: 1
What Makes a Successful Architecture Firm Website
For this very first episode of the As Built Podcast, Brian and Patience Jones talk about an integral part of any architecture firm marketing: Websites.