Episode 25

As Built Interview with Anthony Vincent Pope

In this episode of As Built, Brian Jones interviews Anthony Pope, founder of Atelier 7, about his transition from traditional architecture to using shipping containers for innovative and cost-effective design solutions. Atelier 7 focuses on developing affordable housing and has collaborated with container companies to create modular buildings. They have also acquired a 95,000-square-foot warehouse in Georgia to further their mission of creating affordable housing through workforce training programs. Anthony shares the challenges faced with code regulations and his growth as an architect, with a more hands-on and humble approach.


  • Inspiration for shipping container architecture
  • Initial success with shipping container park in Atlanta
  • Transition to modular building and warehouse development
  • Taking control of a 95,000-square-foot warehouse in Atlanta
  • Improving the modular building process
  • Importance of hands-on work in architecture
  • Successful community projects on previously unused land
  • Advocating for a container code in the state
  • Reflecting on career achievements in architecture

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