Graphicmachine is a digital, search and marketing agency.

We create tailored digital marketing solutions for growth.

We Start By Asking Questions

Our approach to marketing focuses on strategy, with starts with learning about you. What do you want to change? What is the budget you have to work with? What does success look like, and how soon does it need to be achieved?


We Create a Plan

We create a unique marketing plan for you that is tailored to your needs and goals. It’s also tailored to your bandwidth, so that the workflow dovetails with how your organization works. This ensures that your marketing effort can be sustained, so that they can deliver the results you need.



We Measure

We use data and analytics from a variety of sources to make sure you’re getting the most out of your marketing efforts. Our suite of measurement tools and expertise in data analysis will help maximize the return on your investment


We Deliver

It takes work to successfully implement and manage a marketing plan. Graphicmachine can help you manage all aspects of your digital marketing, from content creation to oversight to employee training.

How Digital Marketing Drives Sales

In our spotlight case study, see how Structurflex increased awareness and sales leads by expanding their digital marketing efforts.

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