Episode 2

TechStack: CRMs (Client Relationship Management Systems)

January 28, 2023

Customers are the lifeblood of every business. Your relationship with your customers can determine your future success — and that can be achieved using a CRM.

For this As Built Podcast episode, hosts Brian and Patience Jones talk about the Customer Relationship Manager, more popularly known as CRM, and how it helps businesses keep track of their clients and customers. They also break down what to look for in a CRM and how it can help businesses grow and be more effective in their marketing.


  • What is a Customer Relationship Manager?
  • CRM as the brain of your firm
  • Benefits of using a CRM for your business
  • Importance of a CRM in business development
  • How to help businesses be more efficient in selling
  • How to be less annoying when following up with clients
    Popular CRM tools
  • How to get started with CRMs

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As Built: Techstack: Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs).