Episode 41

It’s Not About You

Built into every marketing effort, it seems, is an inherent bias toward talking about yourself and your firm from your perspective: the challenges that you faced, the way that you overcame them, what you’ve achieved. This is natural – but there’s a better approach that’s rooted in talking about all of the same information from your client’s perspective. In this episode we explore the marketing approach of making everything about them, not you.


  • How consumer trends are impacting B2B purchasing
  • The increased expectation of personalization
  • The tension between how people want to shop and how firms present information
  • Why framing your products and services from a client’s perspective is vital
  • How we got to the current “me first” marketing and how to get out of it

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October 11, 2023

As Built Podcast Ep 41: It's Not About You.