Episode 13

Hybrid Selling & Business Development

In this episode, Brian Jones and Patience Jones discuss the concept of hybrid selling and business development for building materials and architecture firms. They explain that it combines traditional in-person sales with digital and virtual options to save costs and expand reach. They offer tips for implementation such as obtaining information from the sales team on what works and what doesn’t in terms of images, language, and delivery methods.


  • Hybrid models offer convenience, cost savings, and expanded reach for companies, while also meeting prospects’ expectations of how they want to be approached and sold to
  • Active components of hybrid include in-person meetings, conferences, trade shows, and social events, as well as digital options like emails, virtual presentations, and virtual calls
  • Passive components of hybrid include branded materials, signage, advertising, website content, downloads, and pre-recorded elements
  • Hybrid models allow for presale education and multiple means of reaching prospects, and are a customer-focused way of selling
  • Collaboration between sales and digital efforts can lead to increased sales and better outcomes overall
  • Listening to sales teams is crucial for creating effective marketing and sales strategies

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