Episode 12


In this episode, Brian Jones and Patience Jones emphasize the importance of incorporating feedback into the company culture of architecture and building materials firms. They recommend making feedback a normalized and frequent part of everyday work interactions instead of waiting for annual reviews. Frequent and actionable feedback should be offered to allow for clear directions for improvement. By normalizing feedback as a regular part of communication, firms can attract employees who thrive in that kind of environment and continually improve their work.


  • Feedback can be both positive and negative, and it’s important to give it as often as possible
  • How and when to give feedback is important, and communication should be clear and open
  • Being open to feedback can lead to better results and help retain great employees
  • Feedback should be normalized and integrated into everyday meetings
  • Structured moments, such as a project wrapping up, can provide natural opportunities for feedback
  • Anonymous feedback can backfire and be one-sided, and it’s important to have an opportunity for dialogue
  • Leaders should make sure they’re ready to hear feedback before soliciting it

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