Episode 7

How to Overcome the Boom and Bust Cycle

February 28, 2023

In this episode, Brian Jones and Patience Jones discuss how to overcome the boom and bust cycle in architecture firms. This cycle (or, more accurately, this trap) happens when firms become so busy that they don’t allocate time for business development or marketing (the boom), leading to a lack of incoming projects (the bust).

The way to get out of this cycle/trap? Consistent marketing effort, whether you’re in the boom part of the cycle or the bust part.


  • How to tell if your architecture firm is in a boom and bust cycle
  • Why boom and bust is bad for your business
  • How to use marketing to get out of the boom and bust cycle so you get better commissions and the business growth you want

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As Built Podcast Ep. 7: How to Overcome the Boom and Bust Cycle