Episode 35

Bringing Two Architecture Firms Together

August 30, 2023

Congratulations! You’ve either acquired a firm, merged, or been acquired. What happens next?

In this episode, Patience Jones and Brian Jones discuss the complexities of combining two different architecture firms. They highlight the challenges that come with the integration process, such as defining who is in charge, determining which projects to undertake, and deciding when to hire new people. Their insights aim to guide other firms going through similar transitions, emphasizing the importance of tackling potential issues beforehand rather than dealing with the fallout in the end.


  • The difficulties of combining two different established architecture firms
  • Vital conversations to have before and after the merger
  • Key areas of focus during merger conversations
  • The importance of involving all parties in combination discussions to ensure a smooth transition
  • Mergers and firm integrations as opportunities for growth and improvement

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Bringing Two Firms Together - As Built Ep 35.