Episode 11

As Built Interview with Shawn Basler, AIA / Co-CEO at Perkins Eastman

Architect Shawn Basler is the Co-CEO and Executive Director of Perkins Eastman, the tenth-largest firm in the United States and the fourth-largest firm in the world by revenue. Founded in 1897, Perkins Eastman has a global body of work that includes major projects in almost every vertical. Prior to joining Perkins Eastman in 2007, Shawn was a founding partner in Basler Mosa Design Group.

In this episode, Shawn talks about running a multi-national architecture firm with over 1,000 employees in 24 offices, as well as the professional practices that have helped him in his current role. He discusses balancing design work with running a firm, how three Co-CEOs work together, and how the firm created an ethos of collaboration and partnership that supports not only growth, but the firm’s design principles.


  • The different professional roles that Shawn Basler has held
  • International practice and design management evolution
  • How three Co-CEOs handle decision-making
  • Maintaining a firm culture across multiple offices and timezones
  • Habits and processes that helped Shawn professionally
  • The importance of maintaining client relationships

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March 16, 2023

As Built Episode 11: Interview with Shawn Basler, AIA, Co-CEO at Perkins Eastman