dinosaur holiday

Happy Holidays!​

This year our robot doppelgangers are going all-out for holiday baking. While they look a little in over their heads, they’re creating some great cookies and cakes. May your 2023 be just as surprisingly delightful – and may you also be inspired to try something new. 


Thank you to the following artists whose work helped us create our holiday scene:

Biscuit tins, liquid measuring cups, nested mixing bowls: MiniatureCrush
Wreath: MouseHoleMiniatures
Apron: MiniMelange
Chocolate chip cookies, baking tray, and mixing bowl with dough: MiniOccasions
Stocking cookies, wreath cookies, and tree cookies: TinyArtMiniatures
Santa Claus cookies and snowflake cookies: HalfPintMiniatures
Cookies with blue sprinkles: WhistlingWillowMinis
Butter sticks: Sahara’s Supplies
Ceramic utensil crock and utensils: M for Miniatures
Stainless steel utensil set and holder: MiumiuLand
Ukrainian flag coffee mugs: MidlifeMiniShop
Bundt cake: WennysMinis
Rolling pin: WondermintMinis
Coffee pot, cooking pot, and red mixer: SparksofJoybyMaria
Coffee and flour jars: BitsyNest
Blue mixing bowl: GiuliasMiniatures
Bag of clementines: HoneyBeeCuriosity
Dish soap and sponge: Bits and Pieces by Pam
Kitchen towels: CraftLandMiniatures
Refrigerator, stove, and sink: MforMiniatures
Kitchen island: zzminiworld
Sideboard: littlehouseofoz
Miniature robot: Beth’s Tiny Things
Backdrop: LaserLines

Miniature robot using a stand mixer to bake cookies.
Miniature mid-century modern kitchen with cookies baking in the oven.
Miniature robot and dinosaur baking holiday cookies.