How a building materials and services firm built a resilient sales prospecting engine

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Sales increase: Over $10M YTD

Our client, a building materials and systems firm, had developed a robust sales pipeline outside the United States. Their services were in high demand in South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, but hardly anyone in the U.S. knew they existed. Over the years, their marketing had neglected the American market – even though their headquarters are located here.

Their unique product-service combination is perfectly tailored to meet the needs of American architectural projects, which created an additional obstacle. Because no one else offers what they do, prospective clients didn’t even know to search for a supplier who could deliver those results. This meant the firm wasn’t getting any inbound leads from the United States, so the firm’s only salesperson had no choice but to cold call and send cold emails. These necessarily involved a substantial amount of customer education, since up until that initial contact, there was zero knowledge that something like the solution offered by the firm was even possible. 

Website traffic

22% year-over-year growth

Social media following

368% increase

Additionally, all of the print and digital marketing assets, including the website, were geared toward non-U.S. audiences. Because the salesperson was spending the majority of his time trying to generate interest from cold leads, he had no time to create the supporting materials he needed. This added a new hurdle to his communications with prospective clients, who lacked confidence that the company’s processes would translate to American buildings. 

The company needed to establish a presence in the U.S. market without undercutting its sales efforts in other parts of the world.

Within one year, our work generated several million dollars in U.S. sales. The client has experienced explosive growth, which has continued despite the pandemic.

The client uses Marketing Watt to track their progress and report on marketing successes to others in the company. For the sales team, Marketing Watt makes the connections between marketing efforts and sales goals clear and helps them understand what marketing efforts are most successful and most imperative.

Search engine keywords

500% growth