How Construction Companies Can Use Content to Recruit Employees

According to a report from the Associated Builders and Contractors, the construction industry will need to attract nearly 650,000 additional workers on top of normal hiring to meet labor demands in 2022. Although the industry has struggled with labor shortages for the past few years, much of the demand will come from federal infrastructure projects that received funding with the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

This shortage means that competition for skilled and unskilled workers will increase. Construction companies working in the same location will need to be aggressive in their recruiting efforts and ensure that their compensation packages are consistent with market rates. With so many options to choose from, just posting a job ad isn’t going to be enough to attract candidates.

Advantages of content marketing for construction companies

Contractors who use content marketing will have an edge on the competition for many reasons.

First, the more content you post online the bigger your footprint, which increases your visibility in search engine results. According to an article by the Content Marketing Institute, “extra content will help you earn more rankings and get more natural search traffic.” The higher you rank in search engine results for keywords job seekers use, the more likely you will be found.

Second, content can be shared on social media, which gives you exponential exposure when it is shared by current employees and friends. Building a large following and consistently posting content increases your brand awareness and improves your chances to be found with organic search results.

Third, content gives jobseekers insight into your company. They can learn a lot about you and your company culture by reviewing your website and social media feeds. For example, interested workers may find:

  • What their day-to-day work life would be like if they worked there
  • Who will their coworkers be
  • What job sites look like
  • What kinds of equipment or tools they might be working with
  • What kind of projects they would be working on
  • What projects look like as they progress
  • What promotion opportunities are provided in the company

Content that supports recruitment

Construction companies can provide a variety of types of content that will support their recruitment efforts. Many of these can be modified to different media types, so you can reach a variety of viewers and readers. For example, videos can be transferred into podcasts, or blog posts can be used to create videos.

Day in the life photos, videos, and short blog posts give potential workers an honest view into their potential work environment. They’ll learn who their coworkers will be, what types of projects they will be working on, and what their responsibilities will be.

Employee profiles on your website or social media lets potential workers know who they will be working with. Coworker relationships are particularly important in construction, so potential workers need to know that they will get along with their supervisors and other workers.

Photos and videos of company events and other activities show the company culture and provide a well-rounded view of the business, as well as highlight its values and benefits. Company culture is one of the most important aspects that potential workers use to select an employer. Your content needs to show that your company doesn’t just talk the talk, but that you actively display your company values.

Photos and videos from project sites show potential workers what type of work you do and what your job sites look like. You can use time-lapse cameras to record progress on site or drone footage to create a unique perspective on the work.

Use employee quotes about working for the company as an overlay for your videos or photos. Current employees talking about the company will provide unique insights for potential workers. Make sure that the feedback is honest and not exaggerated.

Workers may also be interested in photos and videos of current employees using equipment and tools. This content will show them the kinds of equipment they will be using on the job, as well as what skills they may need to get hired.

Project profiles or case studies tell what type of work the company did on the project and how it was performed, as well as detailing the different roles that were needed on the project. These profiles provide more information for workers on the type of work that will be needed on similar projects. They also get a feel for the tasks and responsibilities of each position.

News or blog articles about the company’s community involvement or charitable contributions provide more information about the company’s values and its culture. Young workers are interested in knowing that the companies they work for give back to the community.

Authenticity is key

No matter what type of content you provide, it’s vitally important for it to be authentic. Don’t try to create a picture that isn’t accurate, because you may get called out on it. If current or past employees dispute your content, it can be harmful to your online presence. In fact, the harm can greatly outweigh the benefit of having content online. Anyone who joins your company based on false information is not likely to stay for very long and may spread the message to others.


Construction companies can use content marketing to increase their online presence and give potential workers an honest look at what it’s like to work there. Providing information in multiple media platforms allows potential workers to see and hear more about the company. Blog articles, social media posts, videos, and podcasts can be used to let potential workers know about the company culture and the work that the company performs. With an extremely tight labor market, recruitment in construction companies is more important than ever. Companies that use content marketing will have the greatest advantage.


Patience Jones