3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Your Website Better

Feeling overwhelmed? One of the best antidotes is having some small wins. Here are three quick things you can do right now to make your website better. Updating the Copyright Date Putting the copyright date in the footer of a website came about as a way of protecting site content and design from being copied. […]

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Content Strategy: Make Sure It Isn’t ‘Hey, I’m Talking To You!’

Content strategy is important. Why? Imagine entering a ballroom for a black-tie charity event. You’d like to start a conversation with an older wealthy donor. Do you: Run up to her and start showing her cat videos on your phone? Take the stage and call out her name over the microphone? Walk up and politely […]

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Is There There There: The Resolution Edition

In this week’s episode, we resolve to issue new episodes weekly. Resolve to listen to this week’s! Download the MP3 Subscribe to the feed with your podcast app using this address: http://graphicmachine.libsyn.com/rss Subscribe on iTunes, and consider rating the show! We improve on: Resolutions! The path to a better you, or a Sisyphean exercise? Is […]

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Is There There There: The Pay It Forward Edition

In this episode, we discuss mobile payments. They promise added security and ease, but how do you convince people who still write checks that they’re a step forward? Do we need a unified system? Regulatory oversight? Therapy? All of the above? Plus: Your smiley face icon may be used against you in a court of […]

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Last-Minute CES Travel Tips

Before you head to the airport for the beginning of your CES extravaganza, check out our last-minute travel tips.

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CES Packing Guide

Wondering what to bring to CES and what to leave behind? Check out our CES Packing Guide.

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You’re Probably Not Going to Jail

Computerworld reported last week on a new development: “Data from wearable devices could soon land you in jail!” read the headline (okay, I added the exclamation point, but the title is real). The positioning of this article makes me crazy for a few reasons.

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The Drop-down Project

Sick of political ads? Check out some political issue data from an unusual source: the drop-down menus of online contact forms.

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Is There There There: The You Say It’s Your Birthday Edition

It’s ITTT’s half-birthday! Birthdays used to mean cake, paper cards and maybe a party with your nearest and dearest. Does the modern birthday, complete with digital greetings from friends and retailers, change what it means to celebrate the day you were born?

Plus, camels show us the way, The Atlantic has an unauthorized Ello page, David Bowie transcends time, and okra is a gateway drug.

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A Closer Look at Apple’s iOS8 Terms of Service

Have you read Apple's Terms of Service for iOS8? We did. Here's the gist in plain English.

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