Episode 44

When Everyone Is a Marketer

Most likely, everyone in your firm has opinions about marketing. These can range from “here are the 12 things I want the firm to do” to “everything you’re doing is wrong.” In this episode, we offer some tips on how to receive all of the input from … well, everyone about your firm’s marketing – and how to respond to it in a way that is both compassionate and efficient.


  • “Everyone’s a marketer” is something firms of all sizes deal with
  • Finding a system that works for you in how suggestions are given and responded to
  • The importance of recognizing people’s passion and respecting that in how you respond
  • Why email is not the best way to address suggestions or concerns
  • Being open to good ideas coming from anywhere – not just within the marketing department

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November 8, 2023

As Built Podcast Episode 44: When Everyone Is a Marketer.