Episode 14

The Social Footprint

In this episode, Brian Jones and Patience Jones discuss the importance of creating a social environment in the workplace that aligns with the values of the firm and that meet the needs of employees. They suggest firms be flexible and ask for employee input, stay true to company values, be open to change, and be intentional in creating a supportive environment that fosters relationships. They also talk about the importance of mentorship in building social connections.


  • The importance of creating a social environment within a company
  • A company’s social media presence may not reflect its real social atmosphere
  • How people interact with each other in the workplace is crucial to a social environment, including workplace design and open communication
  • The social atmosphere should be intentional and should take into account the needs and interests of the employees
  • Consistency is key when creating a social atmosphere, and it is important to start small and get feedback from employees
  • Creating a social atmosphere can have positive effects not only within the firm but also outside the firm, such as building relationships with the community and potential clients

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