Episode 57

Lies We Tell Ourselves: Set It And Forget It

In this very dramatically named episode, we examine the lie we all want to believe: that marketing is something that you can set and then forget about if you can just find the right tools/agency/message. We look back at how we came to be sold this lie and how it’s altered our views of what we have to do to have successful marketing. Most importantly, we identify the ways to get away from this dangerous mindset.



  • The ironic origins of our “set it and forget it” beliefs about marketing
  • How advances in technology can fuel the belief that people don’t need to be involved
  • What can happen when you “forget it”
  • How to create a marketing approach that doesn’t require constant attention

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February 21, 2024

Lies We Tell Ourselves: Set It And Forget It | As Built Podcast Ep. 57.