Episode 20

How to Succeed with Photography

Good photography is a crucial part of your marketing and sales. It can help you get published, specified, and recognized as “the” firm to go to. Too many firms, though, forego professional photography or try to DIY it in-house. In this episode, co-hosts Patience Jones and Brian Jones discuss the importance of professional photography for architecture and building materials firms. They explain why photography is a worthwhile investment, why it’s a mistake to do it yourself, and how to understand what you’re buying when you hire a photographer.


  • The mportance of professional photography for architecture and building materials firms
  • In-house photography is ideal for documenting your process and collecting “behind the scenes” shots
  • Publications prefer to see professional photography when evaluating your work, and some publications won’t even consider projects that aren’t professionally shot
  • The way you communicate with the photographer will shape the final photos
  • It’s important to have photos that meet different needs: publication, website, award submissions, social media, etc.
  • Make sure you understand the photographer’s pricing and licensing models

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