Episode 37

Growth Challenges: Adding a New Partner

September 13, 2023

Adding a new partner to your architecture firm can be a great experience for internal staff and external partners and clients. Whether it’s out of excitement or a rush to just have it done, though, there are opportunities for this milestone to go sideways. In this episode, we discuss what to keep in mind as you promote people from within the firm or bring in partners from outside.


  • How growth usually means adding new partners, whether from internal or external candidates
  • Conveying the roles and responsibilities of a new partner to the rest of the team
  • Operational challenges when bringing on an external partner
  • The importance of transparent communication
  • Presenting and celebrating partnership promotions positively
  • Addressing potential resentments when an external person is brought on as a partner
  • Understanding and appreciating individual capabilities with your internal team

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