When it comes to Instagram, a lot of the business owners and professionals we meet with think of it as an app for teens to trade memes, or for foodies to share pictures of their latest meals. Certainly, the image-sharing platform can be (and often is) used in trivial ways. However, it can also be a cornerstone of a profitable social media marketing strategy.

This is particularly true for architects and other types of professionals who work through a creative process to deliver complex results. By posting the right material to Instagram, they can communicate benefits to clients, prospects, and colleagues that brochures or written blog posts just can’t.

How could you promote your architecture firm through Instagram? Here are just a few of the best ways…

Showcase the Process of Designing a Building

You know all about the painstaking effort and detail that go into designing a building, but often your clients just see the final product. You absolutely should post photos of your finished buildings and spaces to Instagram, but don’t overlook the power that comes with sharing some in-the-process snapshots along the way.

Giving clients and colleagues at peek behind the curtain lets them see how your creativity comes to life, and the many steps involved in producing something that can be built in the real world. All of that is added value in their minds, and helps them to imagine what would be like to work with you and your team.

Demonstrate Details of Your Architecture That Aren’t Obvious to the Public

Another problem with only sharing big photos of finished buildings and structures is that these may not show off the finer points in architect put into their work. A casual observer might miss points of light, functional spacing, or even green design techniques that were put into place.

Using Instagram, an architect can zero in on smaller details that might have been otherwise overlooked. In that way, they can not only share more about their vision, but make it clear just how much thought and reflection went into every stage of the design process.

Let People Get to Know Your Architectural and Design Team

When it comes down to it, clients are paying for not only in architect’s time, creativity, and expertise, but also their personality. To put it another way, people tend to work with others they like and can relate to in every field, even if it costs a little more or they aren’t sure about differences in talent.

This is where a savvy architecture firm can give themselves a huge advantage. You can use Instagram to show the personal side of your design team, their daily working routine, and a few fun behind the scenes moments. All of these mean clients come into the process a little bit warmer, and excited about working together.

Is Your Architecture Firm Making the Most of Instagram?

Images are powerful, both in terms of conveying information and as emotional persuaders. Given that we all walk around with cameras that are near professional-great in our pockets all day long why wouldn’t an architect show off their work on Instagram? For that matter, why would any visual arts professional overlook a tool that lets them highlight their best projects and successes?

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