Where is Your Social Following?

If it seems like every time you turn around there is a new social media site that someone is telling you to try, you aren’t alone. One of the biggest complaints our web design clients have about social media marketing is that there are simply too many platforms to keep up with.

As a way to manage their own time and frustration, most business owners gravitate towards the social channels they like personally. That is, if they are most familiar with Facebook and YouTube, for example, they concentrate their marketing efforts and dollars on those sites.

That’s not a bad approach, if you’re looking to get your company’s social efforts up-and-running. The problem, though, is that your customers could have different preferences than you do. And that could mean you end up spending a lot of time posting material that your best prospects won’t ever see.

To get the right kinds of results from social media, it’s important to know where your following is. Here are a few tips to help you get pointed in the right direction…

Understand the Demographics of Your Social Following

Although there is undoubtedly overlap between the major social channels, it’s also true that each has its own demographic mix. Facebook appeals to older users and family-oriented types, while Twitter tends to skew younger. Executives use LinkedIn, while learners tend to drift towards Youtube. By using this kind of basic demographic data, which we can share with you, you can match your message up to the right target groups.

Finding Your Audience

When in doubt, find out which social platforms your very best existing customers like to use. You can accomplish this through surveys, friend requests, or simple phone calls. Chances are, other buyers who have the same needs, wants, and demographics will prefer those social sites, as well.

Study Engagement and Metrics

If you already have profiles on the biggest social platforms, put them to good use. Add a bit of content to each for a couple of weeks, and then use your analytics package to see where new website visits and conversions are coming from. Soon, you’ll see where your path to success is, and how you should devote your time and resources going forward.

Match Message to Media

If you are great at producing a certain type of content (like short articles, video clips, etc.) use the social platforms that help you to make the most of them. For example, funny videos might be best used on YouTube and Facebook, while image-based marketing could work best on Twitter and Instagram.

Experiment With New Social Platforms

Social media is always changing, and there’s always more to try. Don’t be afraid to test your assumptions, or even past results. Experiment with new channels and message types to see whether they could work for your business.

There are two good ways to find the right mix of social media sites for your business. The first is to experiment and see where you get the best results. The second is to work with an experienced Internet marketing partner like Graphic Machine who can help you formulate a plan to reach your market and generate sales. Why not call a member of our team today to set up free consultation?

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