What’s Like Got To Do With It?

I recently read an article on the relaunch of PayPal’s brand.

The killer component of this article was at the end, in the form of a comment bait that asks whether people like the new logo. Targeted calls to action to encourage your audience to engage are great, but in this context, it sets up the hundreds of hours of informed research and design put into this logo to be reduced to “I like it, I don’t like it” comments.

As part of our efforts to demystify branding, we start a very long and involved process with some simple, essential questions, like these:

  1. What audiences are you trying to attract/appeal to?
  2. What is the core message of your company or organization?
  3. Are there pre-existing feelings (positive/negative) about your company that exist in the marketplace?

This starts a conversation about what that brand, and the visual elements that support it, need to convey, and helps to avoid getting lost in visceral reactions and personal taste. And it is just the tip of the branding process iceberg.

Done well, a successful brand visual identity will “feel” like the brand it supports. Which brands do you think do a good job of this? (Obligatory comment request — I didn’t say that it wasn’t a tactic.)

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