Does Your Website Have SEO Power Under the Hood?

As anyone who loves cars would know, you can’t always tell a lot about a car’s performance simply by looking at it from the outside. Lots of sleek and polished autos are built around underpowered engines. And, you’ll occasionally run into a classic car that seems like a rust bucket until you pop the hood and find a fully-restored engine underneath.

Websites can be the same way, particularly when it comes to search engine visibility. While a bad-looking website is never going to be good for your business (because of the poor impression it makes on potential customers), even the sleekest and most polished web presence is going to lack marketing power if it ends up being ignored by Google because it doesn’t have enough power under the hood.

How do you know if your pages are revved up and ready to bring you traffic? Here are a few behind-the-scenes improvements that definitely help…

An Easy Navigation Structure
If customers have to click through several different layers of menus or subsections just to get the content they want, it’s going to lead to a bad user experience. That’s why Google’s search engine spiders devalue sites with poor usability. Simple nav bars and a good search box are going to help you boost your way to the top of the search engine rankings and generate more conversions from your visits.

Clean Coding
A big benefit of having your website built from scratch is that you won’t have unnecessary code hidden within your pages. Every extra line of HTML that doesn’t need to be there can slow down site performance, cause conflicts, and even make it impossible for search engine spiders to discern the meaning of your pages.

Fast Page Loading Times
Page speed isn’t just about the amount of code that lies beneath your layout, however. Things like image size, layout, and video display options also come into play. You want your site to load as quickly as possible, since Google is scoring you in those terms (and viewers, particularly those on mobile devices, want their content to come up quickly).

Premium Web Hosting
Strong web hosting can also speed up your website, while at the same time helping to protect you from thieves and hackers who can derail your search engine positioning permanently. Additionally, premium Web hosting often includes automatic backups, and can stop you from being put on the same server as a low-quality website that can drag your rankings down with theirs.

Working Links
Broken links, missing images, and outdated pages are a sure sign to Google that you don’t care about quality or user experience. That means searchers won’t be happy to find your content when they’re looking for strong answers, so your website is going to be downgraded as a result.

While customers are ultimately the ones who make or break your business, they probably won’t come across your website without Google’s help.

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