Do You Know Your Website Goals?

If you are thinking about making updates or changes to your site, there is a in important first question to ask. What website goals am I hoping to achieve?  A lot of business owners and executives meet this kind of question with a blank stare. That’s because, in all their excitement to have an upgraded web presence, they aren’t actually sure what it should be for. But, it’s much easier to design something that’s effective – not to mention improve your bottom line through internet marketing activities – when we know what you want to accomplish.

To help get your brainstorming moving in the right direction, here are just a few of the broad goals you might have for your next website…

Website Goals

More Online Sales – it goes without saying that the most common reason business owners turn to us is that they want their companies to generate more sales and fresh revenue. That’s not a bad goal, but it’s even better if you have a realistic numerical target in mind, and know what kinds of customers you need to reach.

More or Better Offline Conversions – in some cases, the website needs to sell, but the actual leads will come in through telephone calls and walk-in visits. That’s important for your creative team to know, because it means setting up your website content and calls to action in a slightly different way.

An Increase in Email Subscribers – getting new email subscribers can be a goal all in itself. That’s especially true if your product or service has a long sales cycle, if you want to be able to follow up with prospects later, or if you have a new product or service launch coming up in the future.

A Strong Social Media Following – when you have fans and followers on Facebook and the other social media sites, you can use them to spread word about your business to their contacts. Having a strong social following is a great way to improve word-of-mouth about what you do.

A Higher Search Ranking – achieving a top spot on Google isn’t a great end goal in and of itself, because search traffic isn’t valuable unless it leads to conversions. Still, when you can dominate a region or industry in search visibility, you have a huge advantage over your competitors and are likely well on the way to a high ROI from your internet marketing campaigns.

More Efficient Customer Service – customer service can be expensive and time-consuming, but your website can handle many everyday tasks (like returns, account updates, etc.) for you. That saves time and money, and makes things more convenient for your customers.

Better Recruiting – no matter how great your website is, you probably still need good employees to help you turn your business model into a successful reality. For that reason, your website should help establish you as a great employer and spread the word about new openings.

Your website can help your business in any of these areas, but it won’t happen by accident. So, give some thought to what your web design and internet marketing goals should be, so you can tell your creative team what kinds of results you want to see them generate.

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