Why Video is the Future of Content Marketing, Part 2

In a recent post, we explored three of the big reasons that video will be the cornerstone of future content marketing plans. It all came down to the fact that customers love video, that video clips are more psychologically impactful than text and still images, and that video leads to more conversions.

At the same time, there is another reason more and more companies are deciding to produce their own clips: technology is finally catching up.

Supply and demand are pushing video forward – customers want it, and marketers love using it. But, the impact of technological change shouldn’t be underestimated. That’s because it turns video from something that’s interesting to a trend that’s inevitable, much the way mobile phones and tablets altered the Internet forever in the past decade.

Here are a few of the ways technology is making video more profitable and accessible for everyone…

Video Production is Cost-Efficient

Over the past few years, the cost to produce broadcast-quality HD video has fallen dramatically. That’s partly because equipment (like cameras and microphones) has gotten cheaper, but also because video editing software has become more affordable as the world has gone digital.

The net result is that it no longer costs businesses, even small ones, an arm and a leg to get professional results. In fact, you can integrate online videos into your marketing plan for very little.

There are More Avenues for Video Playback

Five or ten years ago there weren’t many places to put your online videos and have customers see them. Now, they can go on your website, within landing pages, and on social media sites like YouTube and Facebook. You can even send links to your videos through emails, or promote them via online ads.

Additionally, it helps that smart phones and tablets can handle online video more easily than they could in the past, with broadband-level connections and data plans to keep up. If you have videos on the Internet, you can distribute them and let your customers watch them from anywhere.

Search Engines Will Catch Up to Video

The argument against using video, in the past, was that Google and the other search engines could only index titles and descriptions (via keywords). However, we are predicting that automated spiders will improve to the point that they can soon deduce the content and quality of online video, as well.

Already, video is becoming a more important part of SEO because searchers look for video results. Once Google and the other search engines can understand what’s inside a video clip, it could become the cornerstone of search visibility, instead of being a piece of it.

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