Have you ever taken a quiz or survey on one of your favorite websites? We all have. Quizzing can be a fun way to test our knowledge and see how our understanding of a topic stacks up against what our friends and peers know.

Quizzes aren’t just fun for users, though. They can also give marketers a chance to better understand their audience and even generate conversions.

To help you understand why, and to get you thinking about the way you might be able to use online quizzes to reach more customers, here are a few things to keep in mind…

Quizzes Can Be Used to Educate Buyers

On one hand, online quizzing lets users figure out their own level of knowledge about a topic. But on the other hand, they provide (through the resulting scores and correct answer explanations) a way for website visitors to learn something.

In many situations, presenting facts and ideas to potential customers through an online quiz is more fun and engaging than it would be if you simply gave them a list of ideas or bullet points. As any veteran teacher or marketer can tell you, it’s a lot easier to instill new concepts in another person when they are enjoying themselves. Why not use a quiz to make your marketing message more memorable?

Quizzes Build Trust and Credibility

It’s certainly not difficult to put together a quiz. However, doing so gives you a chance to show off your knowledge to website visitors. Because they are aware you and your team created the quiz in the first place, it gives them the sense that you are experts in your business or industry.

One of the most important hurdles any marketer faces is the challenge of overcoming buyer skepticism online. By showing off your expertise with the quiz and keeping visitors engaged on your site you can reduce the desire to exit.

You Can Use Quizzes to Gather Contact Details

Although a lot of business owners might not realize it at first, an online quiz can be a powerful lead generation tool. They are interesting to users, and let buyers assess their own level of knowledge in an interactive way. When the quiz is over, they may realize it’s time to get a bit of expert assistance and feel ready to take the next step.

There are a lot of ways to generate leads and inquiries, but posting an online quiz can be a lot less taxing (both for you and your customers) than an endless stream of outbound phone calls or expensive mailings.