Before the digital age revolutionized marketing for small and local businesses, creating a profile was a risky proposition. You had to generate one listing (usually a few lines that went in the Yellow Pages), and then hope what you included would do the job for the coming months or years.

Now, customers can see everything about your company – from its location to photos and star ratings from previous visitors – within seconds on a smartphone. The hub of this information is your Google My Business profile. In the past, we have noted how important it is that this information be accurate and up-to-date. Today, we want to point out another feature, and one that business owners and managers tend to overlook.

The ability we are referencing is the option to add posts to your profile. These can be essentially placed online as real-time updates, similar to what you’d add to your company’s Facebook page. The difference here, though, is that searchers can see them directly in Google’s results within seconds.

That makes the posting capability of a Google My Business profile both powerful and versatile. For example, you could use posts to…

Google My Business Profile - post example

An example of a previous post to our Google My Business profile

Announce Upcoming Events on your Google My Business profile

This could be the perfect way to let fans and buyers know about a special event or interactive session. Or, you could use posts to announce any closures or seasonal hours. That can help you get more guests and stop customers from being annoyed by unexpected store closings.

Promote Sales or Discounts

If you are offering customers the chance to save money, then, by all means, promote it on Google! You’ll increase exposure to your offers, and may bring in buyers who might not have noticed otherwise. Additionally, some shoppers may forward the news to their friends and colleagues.

Highlight Awards or Popular Choices

By highlighting some product or service that has been award-winning or popular with other customers, you give new or skeptical prospects a reason to check out your business. Whatever it is that makes you special, that gives you a distinct edge, you should be posting about it frequently.

Share Thoughts and News

If you have the kind of news you would normally spread on a blog article or email newsletter, why not see if you can condense it down to a post that’s a sentence or two? At worst, you’ll have given your business the chance to stand out just a little bit more in Google’s search listings.

One Note About Google My Business profile Posts

Although these posts can be used to make your business stand out and bring more customers to your business, there is a downside: they expire within a week. Searchers have the ability to go back and look through old posts, but very few people who aren’t familiar with your business are going to take this step.

So, if you want to make the most of this feature, don’t just announce all of your great specials and ideas on your Google My Business Page, but be sure you do so frequently. That way, there will always be fresh content for searchers to see (and more reasons for them to call or visit you).

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