Using Pay-Per-Click Ads to Support Organic Search Campaigns

Lots of marketers use pay-per-click advertising (PPC) systems like Google AdWords. And, plenty of them also use search engine optimization (SEO) to attract buyers to their websites. However, in our experience, not enough business owners are using them together.

That’s too bad, because you can use paid ads to support organic search in a number of different ways to make every campaign more efficient and effective. Wondering how that might work? Here are a few tips to help you get started…

PPC Can Be Used as an SEO Shortcut

In some competitive industries, finding success in an organic search engine optimization campaign can take a while – up to six months or longer before you pass competitors and start seeing more visits to your website. With a smart PPC strategy, though, you can get some of those search visits flowing to your pages within a few hours.

If you want to start building a brand or seeing conversions come through your landing pages, that kind of shortcut can be invaluable. And, it can be much less expensive than you might think to draw in targeted visitors when search terms you aim at are specific enough.

You Can Use PPC to Test or Establish SEO Targets

One of the downsides to organic search engine optimization is that you can put a lot of time and effort into targeting a stream of traffic and then find out it isn’t as profitable as you thought it might be. In other words, you see buyers coming to your website and discover they don’t convert in high percentages.

To get around this issue, you can use pay-per-click ads to target those same search terms and essentially run tests. Even if the ad campaigns themselves aren’t profitable (although they certainly should be), you can use them to see whether your longer term search tactics are going to be viable.

Smart Marketers Use PPC Defensively

The more successful you are with search engine optimization, or as a business in general, the more likely you are to see competitors targeting your brand names and products for their own marketing. By investing a few dollars a day into a specialized PPC campaign, you can give customers who are looking for you another way to end up on your website.

We think of these strategies as being “defensive” since they are aimed at keeping competitors at an arm’s length. Running ads that align with your own brand won’t cost you a lot, but it can keep valuable sales from slipping away.