It’s amazing how, in the world of online marketing and lead generation, so many little issues and stumbling blocks can all be traced back to the same source. For instance, we occasionally see organizations with two seemingly different problems – one group has trouble coming up with new content; the other has lots of content but very few conversions. These situations might seem like opposites of one another, but in most cases they can actually be tracked back to the same thing: the lack of a coherent sales funnel guiding their content strategy.

Today, we want to take a quick look at why this matters so much, and how you can use the power of a sales funnel to improve your search engine rankings, attract more prospects, and generate leads from your website.

Sales funnel

Knowing The Audience of Your Sales Funnel

The basis of your sales funnel is knowledge. You have to know what kinds of prospects are arriving on your website, what their most pressing needs are, and the sorts of questions that are lingering in their minds. The more you can focus in on individuals, rather than big groups of people, the easier it’s going to be for you to turn your ideas into successful campaigns.

Shaping Your Sales Funnel

When you know your customers, and what they are looking for on the web, you can begin to develop a kind of flowchart that leads visitors from their initial contact to the finished sale. Along the way there might be articles, reports, videos, and other information pieces that give detailed information while helping them to arrive at the product or service is perfect for their needs. Your sales funnel is a series of content offers and contact points that move this process along. The more specific you can be with your planning at this stage the better.

Filling in the Pieces

Once you know who your sales funnel is for and how it should work, you can use it to guide your content creation strategy. Things like blog posts and social updates should be aimed at drawing in an audience of likely buyers. More substantial pieces of content can be used to pique their interest. And of course, each new article or resource should end with a call to action that either invites them to take the next step or encourages them to get in touch with you and your team.

Optimizing Your Sales Funnel

Your sales funnel should continue to grow and improve over time as you keep adding more and more pieces of content, increasing your search engine optimization footprint, and making your website a more valuable resource for prospects. Along the way, you and your creative team will continue to monitor analytics reports to ensure you’re getting as many conversions as you possibly can from every component of your lead generation campaign.

Is Your Sales Funnel in Place?

Do you have a strong sales funnel in place on your website? Are you regularly producing content that supports your sales funnel? If you’re having trouble putting your plan together, or getting the right results, maybe this is a great time to speak with the Graphicmachine creative team in Kansas City.

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