Today is the first in a series we are calling “The Truth About Design.” We are beginning with No. 2, because identifying something as No. 1 is so loaded that it would crumble under its own weight.

Which leads us to The Truth About Design No. 2: What you call it matters. If I show you a drawing and I tell you it’s a preliminary concept for a potential identity campaign, you would probably yawn. If I show you a drawing and I tell you that this is your new logo, you will pay attention. You will offer feedback and you will value that drawing more than if you considered it to be “just a sketch.”

No matter what our particular fields (design, medicine, culinary arts) it’s easy to forget that people outside of our field don’t intuitively understand the import of certain items or the blood, sweat and tears that went into them. Is it whipped cream, or is it cream that was sourced from a grass-fed cow on a local farm, mixed with essence of lavender that was imported from Arles, and whipped by hand exactly 750 times?