The Side of SEO That Everyone Forgets About

Walk into any networking meeting full of business owners and executives, and you’ll find that most have a strong interest in search engine optimization. It sometimes seems like Google has a bigger following these days than local football and basketball teams.

It’s not hard to understand why. By processing around two billion search queries every day, Google has the power to send thousands upon thousands of people to any given website on any given day. Simple math suggests that more visits should equal more sales. And so, with a bit of good search engine optimization, companies can double or triple their sales without having to increase the budget for things like advertising.

But, while businesspeople (and the web designers they work with) tend to fixate on search engine positioning and the best ways to attract page views, they often forgot that there is another side to SEO…One that’s just as important but often forgotten. That other half of the equation, of course, is the process of converting visitors into leads or sales.

All the web traffic in the world is useless if you can’t convert it into sales opportunities. Here are a handful of tips to help you do just that:

Know Your Customers

Website visitors can be generic, but your best customers probably aren’t. If you want to attract buyers who will stick with you for years to come, it pays to put some thought into who they are, what they search, and what kinds of messages they respond to.

Have a Conversion Plan

Don’t just hope that someone will read your content and decide to call you or make a purchase online. Instead, structure your landing pages – and indeed, your whole website – in a way that encourages conversions. Think about the natural flow of facts and ideas that someone would have to go through before they be ready to take the next step, and then put the pieces into place on your website.

Test Different Strategies

There is more than one way to turn a website visitor into a customer. Some buyers will respond to buttons and coupon codes; others want to download white papers or receive a personalized consultation. Don’t be afraid to test different strategies, both against one another and over time. You might find that a couple of small changes will greatly increase response rates.

Keep Prospects Coming Back to Your Website

Along with your primary conversion goal, it’s a good idea to have something like an email newsletter sign-up, or links to your social profiles, on every landing page. That way, you can get potential customers coming back to your website in the future, instead of losing the opportunity if they don’t take immediate action.

Never forget that there are two sides to search engine optimization, and that web traffic doesn’t have any inherent value unless it leads to some sort of business interaction. If your website is bringing lots of people your way, but not doing much to get them to work with you, now might be a great time to talk with our team and see how we can help.

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