The Easiest Way to Lose Money on a Website

Contrary to what some web design companies would have you believe, it is entirely possible to lose money on a new website. And, ironically enough, it’s usually the business owners and executives who want to save money who end up losing the most.

How can that possibly be? We are glad you asked, because there are two gigantic risks that come with choosing the lowest-cost web designer you can find…

First, You Risk Having to Get Another Website Soon

There are a lot of ways you can save thousands of dollars on a new website, at least when it comes to upfront designing fees. The only problem with this approach is that you’re very likely to end up with a website that doesn’t actually represent your business very well, help you attract new customers, or have the latest features (like search visibility, mobile responsiveness, etc.).

Sooner or later, those limitations are going to catch up with you. Usually, this will be after a very short amount of time, during which you wonder why you can’t get the kinds of online results you are hoping for. At that point your best (and probably only) option is to replace your website again. Then you’ll be faced with the choice of making a real investment or going for a limited quick fix and starting the cycle all over again.

You aren’t really saving money if you’re spending more of it later, which is something to remember when looking at web design proposals.

Second, a Terrible Website Hurts Your Credibility as a Marketer

As bad as the first consequence of a dirt-cheap website is, the second consequence is far more important. When you go as cheap as you can in getting a new web presence, you end up with something that isn’t as professionally put together as it should be. And, when customers see that, they have a hard time taking you seriously.

So while a substandard website is unlikely to help you reach your marketing goals, it also hurts your public image at the same time. It subtly reinforces the idea that you aren’t a “real” business, or that you might not be around at some point in the future. None of this is good for your relationships with customers, vendors, and potential employees.

When your credibility gets undercut, you’re well on your way to seeing your business disappear altogether. And, worst of all, it’s going to happen without you being able to tally up the exact cost each month or quarter.

There are a lot of people looking for cheap web design, and lots of companies willing to offer it. Working with them is a great way to save money today, but it’s going to cost you in the long run.