Social Media is Serious Business… Are You Taking Advantage?

A decade ago, we noticed there were a lot of business owners and executives who failed to realize just how important search engine optimization was going to be for marketing in every industry. Now, Google processes nearly 5 billion searches per day and companies are doing everything they can to increase their visibility within the search listings.

The same thing is happening now with social media marketing. At this moment in time, there are companies treating social networking like the serious business tool it is, and lots of others who are posting sporadically to Facebook and Twitter hoping buyers will take notice.

If your business falls into the second category, it’s time to catch up to the competition. In order to make that easier, and help you get the kinds of returns you need to make your campaigns pay off, here are some things we want you to remember…

Social Media is a Key Part of Content Marketing

Content marketing helps you to bring qualified customers directly to your business. You can use social media to push that process along.

Some content you can release directly through your social accounts, spreading it to new viewers through likes and shares. In other cases, you can promote your blog posts, videos, and other content releases through your social profiles, giving them an extra push through your network.

Social Media Marketing is Easier With the Right Tools

The most common objection to social media marketing is that business owners and executives simply don’t have time to keep up with it. That would be true if it were necessary to stay logged into your account all day. However, there are numerous tools you can use to schedule your social activity in advance.

Using those tools you can not only cut down the amount of time needed to manage your social media marketing campaigns, but also keep your posts and updates on-message throughout the week.

You Have to Know Your Social Audience

As with any form of content marketing, it’s crucial that you know your audience on social media. Think about who your buyers are, what they want to learn more about, and when they are available. Then, use your social posting tools to give them the perfect message at the perfect time.

The better you know your audience, the easier it’s going to be to engage them on all the networks they use.

Consistency is the Key to Making Social Media Work

The companies and personalities getting the most from social media marketing aren’t treating it as an occasional activity. They are making editorial calendars and sticking to them, adding small updates several times a week.

If you can stay consistent, even when you’re busy, you’ll be miles ahead of your competitors who aren’t making the same effort.

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