Website Design & Development

75% of people admit they judge a business based on its website.  

Websites carry a heavy load for professional firms, because what you offer and why it’s valuable are not always immediately apparent to prospective clients. Since potential customers don’t have enough information yet to decide if you’re the right fit, they form judgments based on things like how easy it is to use your website, or whether they think it looks professional. If your site doesn’t pass these initial checks, you’ll lose the opportunity to educate web visitors about the benefits of working with you.

We design and develop websites that create a positive first impression and lead to new client relationships. 

To do this, a website needs to be more than just a pretty face. It should present information in a way that your prospective clients will find engaging and be easy to navigate. It also must function correctly and load quickly on a number of desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and mobile phones, as well as on a number of internet browsers.

Our web design process starts with identifying your goals: What does the website need to do for your business? What information does it need to convey? How does the website integrate with your sales process? Who will be using your website? What is their familiarity with websites? What are the things your site should be doing now but isn’t? 

Our mobile-first approach means your website will be able to be seen and used by prospective clients no matter what device and browser they’re using. Whenever possible, we also develop websites so that your internal staff can make content updates as needed. Over the years, many clients have come to us initially out of frustration that their existing website required them to re-engage the original developer to make minor content updates, so we design and build websites that remove that problem. 

We use the same approach with landing pages. These have a single focus (like offering a consultation or a download in exchange for information from the prospective client) and are often used as part of a larger advertising or PPC campaign. They can be great ways to announce a new product or service, to help raise awareness around an issue, or to generate leads from a specific audience. We design and develop purpose-driven landing pages that are optimized for search, quick to load, and tied to measurement tools so we can measure their effectiveness and make any necessary adjustments.

Need a marketing roadmap to guide your firm? 

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