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Website Design & Website Development

From a single landing page to a complex website, our mobile-first design approach ensures that your website will be able to be seen and used by your prospective clients no matter what device they use.
Our approach to website design and development is straightforward: we design and build websites that can be managed by the client if the client wants to. Whenever possible, we recommend building on WordPress because it doesn’t require clients to install or pay for proprietary software and because it includes a content management system (CMS), which allows clients to make content updates themselves without having to know programming code. This means that clients work with us after site launch because they want to, not because we’ve made it impossible for them to do anything else.

Our web design process starts with identifying your goals: what does the website need to do? Who will be using it? What are the things that it should be doing now and isn’t? We create mobile-first design concepts and site architecture that follows best SEO practices and build the site on a framework that can be updated over time, allowing you to scale the website up as your needs change.

Aspects of Website Design & Development also include:

Landing Pages

Landing pages have a single focus and are often used as part of a larger advertising or PPC campaign. They can be great ways to announce a new product or service, to help raise awareness around an issue, or to generate leads from a specific audience. We design and develop purpose-driven landing pages that are optimized for search, quick to load, and tied to measurement tools so we can measure their effectiveness and make any necessary adjustments.

UX/UI/Interactive Design

User experience (“UX”) focuses on how to make the online experience enjoyable for site visitors, and user interface (“UI”) helps translate those goals into a seamless and intuitive interface. Interactive design is a part of UI. We create customized UX and UI strategies based on the behaviors and traits of the audiences you need to reach.

See how web design & development is impacted by:

Analytics & Reporting

Analytics data tells us whether your website is helping you reaching your goals – and if it’s not, how we can revise it to better serve you.

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