Social Media Strategy & Management

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool for professional firms. You can connect directly with prospective clients, allowing you not only to push information to them but also to listen to them and gather information about their buying habits and needs. For prospective clients, social media can offer a non-intimidating way to learn more about your firm and your services.

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Social media can be difficult for professional firms to implement, though. Professional services often don’t translate easily to a picture or a hashtag, and the work involved in developing an appropriate social media presence, creating content, and complying with industry regulations can tempt professional firms to avoid participating in social media.

Our approach removes the “ick” factor from social media. We identify the best channels for your business, because trying to be on all of them is not a good use of your budget or time. We translate your brand voice to the specific channels you’re on and help you understand the particular audiences you’re speaking to on each channel. We create how-to guides that outline how to interact with your audiences on each of your social media channels, including any applicable regulations or disclaimers for your industry.

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Social media is only as valuable as it is consistent, so we also develop plans that allow your team to manage your social media presence – or we can do that for you, freeing up your time to work on your “real” job.