Search Engine Optimization

Being found online by the right people is vital to the growth of your professional firm.

Without a solid SEO strategy, you’re not going to be found by people who are looking for your services. These are exactly the people you want to find you, because they’ve already determined that they need what you offer. For firms with long sales cycles, capturing these leads can cut weeks and even months off the time it usually takes to close a deal. A good SEO strategy gives search engines the information they need to rank your site higher for the services you provide.

Our search engine optimization starts with clarifying your search goals: who – specifically – do you want to find you, and what – specifically – do you want them to do?  If you’ve previously answered these questions with, “I want people to find me and I want them to buy my services,” your SEO is likely suffering, because your goals are too vague. We cut through the vagueness to identify the specific goals for your business.

We conduct audits of your current search engine presence and the search engine rankings of your competitors so that we have a foundation that’s based on data, not guesses. We also look at what terms your prospective clients actually use when searching for your services, because ranking number one for words that are never used doesn’t help you increase sales.

Using that information, we develop and implement a plan to make sure it’s easy for your ideal clients to find you based on how they search for your services, which is often different from how you talk about your business. This is even more important if they don’t yet know that your service or your business exists. Our work includes both technical SEO (how your code is written and the technical components of your site) and on-page SEO (the content of your site and how it’s presented to search engines).

SEO is impacted by an ever-changing list of factors, including your website’s written content, its programming code, the links on your site that go to other places, and even the social media you share. Our team turns these factors into opportunities for improving your SEO and gaining new sales leads.

Need a marketing roadmap to guide your firm? 

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