Marketing Watt®

The Marketing Platform That Helps Your Business Reach the Next Level.

Other marketing platforms only tell you what’s already happened.

Marketing Watt® tells you what to do next.

Marketing Watt® is an exclusive marketing platform for Graphicmachine clients that helps them do more with their marketing. Marketing Watt® prioritizes your marketing efforts and provides customized recommendations based on your specific business goals. 

Marketing Watt® also enables clients to directly request marketing support through the platform, so you can accomplish what you need to no matter what your internal resources are.

With Marketing Watt®, you can:

  • View all of your digital marketing in one place
  • Integrate your existing marketing channels
  • See how components of your marketing strategy are working together – or aren’t
  • Assign and project manage marketing tasks
  • Measure marketing ROI

Marketing Watt® Features:

  • Web-based
  • Easy-to-read and exportable reports
  • Streamlined interface
  • Robust APIs

Marketing Watt® is for:

Large firms: Ensure you’re getting a return on the investment of your marketing department

Mid-sized firms: Identify and augment skills gaps in your marketing team

Small firms: Meet your marketing needs and business goals without hiring additional employees

Need a marketing roadmap to guide your firm? 

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