Local SEO

More than half of all search traffic now originates from mobile devices, which return search results based on the geographic location of the person entering the search query. This means that when someone in Chicago searches for “architecture firm” from their smartphone, they will see search results for firms that search engines are confident are located in Chicago. While this helps people connect with local firms, it also means businesses have to stay on top of online information about where they’re located.

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Local SEO refers to the efforts needed to make sure that you’re found by people searching for your services in your geographic area. The most significant component of local SEO is whether your firm is listed correctly and consistently across hundreds of online directories, including the spelling of your name, hours of operation, phone numbers, and physical address. When information is inconsistent across directories, search engine bots conclude that you’re not an active (or even existing) business and that the information they have can’t be relied upon – and they drop your local search ranking accordingly. The result? Clients look for companies in your area offering what you offer and instead of seeing your business, they are shown one of your competitors – and you lose a potential client.


Our local SEO services include tools that show you where – and how – your business is listed across hundreds of online directories, so we can know with certainty what needs to be corrected. We can also add information like parking information, links to blog articles and white papers, people profiles, and interior and exterior photos of your business. Local SEO depends heavily on Google My Business and Bing Places, so we also create and manage those accounts for you. Ongoing monitoring and updating of your local search information ensure local listings are always accurate and supporting your current business goals. And if you have multiple office locations, local SEO keeps search engines from combining aspects of those locations into one hybrid location that ends up hurting your business.

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