Lead Generation

Lead generation creates sales opportunities by delivering leads directly to you.

For professional firms, lead generation reduces the amount of time you or your sales team have to spend cold-calling, because it does the work of identifying and warming up sales leads. This means more time for your salespeople to nurture and close qualified leads.

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Our lead generation campaigns identify prospective clients and put them on a path to being warm sales leads. Our work includes creating content for client leads that educates them about your company and why they should buy from you. We develop a distribution plan so that people receive the content in multiple ways over time, and the way they interact with the content allows us to gauge how ready they are to have an interaction with your sales team.

Lead generation can also deliver the kind of information you can’t get with traditional advertising, like how long someone spends reading your message or whether they’ve been back to your website multiple times. This information helps your sales team be better equipped to pitch and close a lead, and to avoid wasting time on dead ends.

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We tailor your lead generation to support your current sales efforts and sales funnel or pipeline. If you don’t have an established sales flow, we can create one for you and integrate it with your CRM or sales database. By connecting lead gen with your current and prospective client information, you get insights into how all of your sales and marketing efforts are working together.