Do Search and Social Really Work Together?

Read enough Internet marketing blogs and you’ll quickly discover that search engine optimization is important to finding success with social media marketing. Or, is it the other way around? Perhaps social is the new search, and they otherwise aren’t really related at all? As contradictory as these viewpoints are, each of them is fairly common within the web design community. The general sense that a lot of business owners (and their advisors) have is that search and social work together, even if a lot of people can’t quite seem to figure out how. The reality is that they can be used to support one another. To help fill in some of the gaps and give some specifics, here are a few things you should know about the intersection between search engine optimization and social media promotion…

Social Posting Can Influence Search Rankings

There is a lot of debate about just how heavily social posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google + are factored into search results. What most SEO experts agree on, though, is that Google and the other engines do crawl social feeds, and incorporate social following and other authenticity factors into their algorithms. What’s more, these trends are expected to continue in the future, given that social media is such an important source of new web content.

Customers May Cross From One Platform to Another

Perhaps the best argument for having a strong search and social presence is that a prospect who comes to you through one channel might want to get to know you better through another. For instance, a surge of visitor might follow you one Facebook, or someone who sees a social posting might decide to look you up on Google. Having a strong identity on both can help you retain those leads and improves your chances of winning new customer in the end.

Social Can Help You Keep and Nurture Leads

Even if you have strong landing pages that generate lots of conversions from your search engine traffic, it’s a good idea to have your social profiles as a fallback option. It gives you another way to stay in front of prospect. A buyer might look for an answer or product on Google once, but millions of Americans check into their social accounts on a daily basis, so they are likely to be reminded about you more often. That’s especially true if they don’t share their email address with you on the first visit.

Social Referrals and Testimonials Help Search Conversions

People who start to follow you on social media can see reviews, testimonials, and referrals from real-life buyers that carry a lot of weight in their minds. For that reason, your social accounts can be a better follow-up and conversion mechanism than your landing pages or email newsletters. At the very least, the added bit of authenticity can only help move your campaigns forward.

If you aren’t using search engine optimization and social media marketing to the other, then you probably aren’t getting the most out of either one. Different businesses, and marketers, are going to naturally prefer different tactics and strategies. But, don’t forget the strongest Internet marketing campaigns are the ones with lots of elements working together in a cohesive way.

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