Why Retargeting and Advanced CRMs are a Winning Combo for Professionals

Digital marketing was supposed to make it easier for professionals like lawyers, accountants, and architects to find new clients. It hasn’t always worked out that way, though.

For one thing, a bigger Web means more competitors – including some that might be under-qualified, under-bidding, or halfway around the globe. Potential clients can’t always tell the difference, which means the best providers can be at something of a disadvantage. And for another thing, the growing complexity of Internet marketing makes it time-consuming to simply keep up on the latest trends, much less participate in them.

Of course, ignoring digital marketing altogether isn’t much of an option, either. So, what reasonable solution is there for a professional or services business that needs to get the word out about the great work they do?

In our experience, it’s combining retargeting and advanced CRMs that let you build sales funnels and inbound marketing campaigns. We prefer AdRoll, but there are at least half a dozen good ones on the market. Here’s why they make such a great combination for professional services providers…

It’s About a Bigger, More Narrow Reach

In the digital age, most professional services providers are finding success by appealing to a very distinct portion of the market. This cross-section of clients could be geographical, based on industry or business size, or divided along some other lines. With very targeted ads and content delivery that track demographics across several platforms (like Google, Facebook, etc.), your company can reach the right buyers no matter where they happen to spend their time online.

Clients Don’t Always Decide Right Away

You aren’t the only one feeling like there are too many competitors out there. Potential clients who are looking for solutions to their problems often find themselves being overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available. And so, they typically don’t make buying decisions (or even reach out to potential vendors) right away. With retargeting, you can ensure they continue to see your marketing messages several different times, increasing the odds that they’ll ultimately reach out to you.

You’ll Benefit From Lower Client Acquisition Costs

When you combine the effects of highly-targeted marketing campaigns with a greater number of customer impressions, costs ultimately go down. That’s a great thing, because it means you may have the option of lowering your Internet marketing budgets in the future. Or better yet, to get better results from the money you’re already spending now. Either way, you’ll be looking at a healthier bottom line because fewer ads and pieces of content are being wasted.

Advanced CRMs Help You Manage the Unmanageable

We’ve possibly saved the best benefit for last. When you use an advanced CRM like AdRoll, you can manage content, ads, social posts, and more from one convenient dashboard. You can also view analytics and custom reports in one place. In that way, you can stay on top of all of your lead-generation activities in a simple and convenient way, saving both you and your team valuable hours every week.

If you’re looking for a way to get a grip on your Internet marketing, and squeeze bigger results out of every campaign, then we encourage you to check out AdRoll today. Better yet, call our team of Kansas City web designers and let us show you how easy it is to integrate these tools into your business!

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