Why You Should Publish to LinkedIn Pulse

You probably already post articles to your blog, email newsletter, and social feeds, but you might be missing out on one of the most popular and powerful places to put your content: LinkedIn’s Pulse newsletter.

Although most of our clients receive LinkedIn Pulse every week, many of them haven’t ever stopped to consider whether they could contribute themselves. Given that the company recently opened up publishing to all registered users, adding your own articles and columns is a relatively simple task. What’s more, there are a handful of really great reasons to do so…

LinkedIn Has A Lot of Readers and Users

With nearly 500 million registered users, LinkedIn is one of the biggest social media sites around. It isn’t as popular as Facebook or Twitter in terms of sheer numbers, but neither of those platforms sends out a dedicated email newsletter. By simply participating, you could gain hundreds or thousands of new visitors. That’s because your article will be sent to your existing contacts, and potentially many, many others (more on this in a second).

Your Ideas Might Reach the Corner Office

Another reason to take advantage of LinkedIn Pulse is that it has a much different reach than the other social feeds do. While Facebook and Twitter go out to more people, LinkedIn is the preferred social network of C-Suite executives. So, while huge B2B decision-makers might not ever see your Facebook posts or Google + entries, there is a decent chance they’ll come across the articles you post to LinkedIn.

You Can Recycle Existing Posts

Posting to LinkedIn Pulse doesn’t even require you to generate brand-new content. You’re more than free to take a popular blog article, or something you included within a LinkedIn industry message group, and share it on Pulse. In that way, you can essentially syndicate your very best ideas and spread them out into the world. Given that creating content is the toughest part of content marketing, why not take advantage of this loophole?

But Before You Go Posting…

Like any type of newsletter, LinkedIn Pulse has its own set of quirks. So, before you go blasting out all of your thoughts and ideas to the world, here are a few tips you should keep in mind:

It’s Critical to Stay on Topic – LinkedIn is all about business, so keep your post focused on a topic relevant to your industry.

Longer Content Works on Pulse – analytics show LinkedIn readers like longer pieces of content. Aim for 1000 to 1500 words if you want to make an impact.

Choose the Right Topical Categories – editors within LinkedIn choose topic-specific articles to highlight every week (and share with hundreds of thousands of readers). Yours can’t be selected if they are mis-categorized.

Proofread Everything – given that LinkedIn is for professionals, you’ll want to be sure your message is coming through clearly, without typos and grammatical errors that undercut your credibility.

Lead Readers Back to Your Profile or Website – include a quick call to action at the end of your article that guides readers back to your website or LinkedIn profile.

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